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Welcome to the San Diego Jaguar Club


The San Diego Jaguar Club was formed in 1959 and has a current membership of about 200. We have many and varied competitive, technical, and social events on tap for lovers of this fine marque. Our members own everything from old classics and roadsters to the newest Jaguars.



Click on the silver F-type to take an incredible virtual reality test drive

For those of you who have not visited the Jaguar factory, you may find Jaguar Factory Tour 2011 very entertaining.

It is particularly so when compared to Jaguar Factory Tour 1961.


Click HERE to see an incredible YouTube video showing how a Jaguar is better than a Mercedes


Membership not only affords you the opportunity to partake in our local events, but includes membership in the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) as well. You will receive our monthly newsletter, the Jaguar Tracks, as well as the JCNA's Jaguar Journal. Dealership discounts of up to $1,000 on the purchase of a new Jaguar and parts and service discounts are offered by many local independent Jaguar mechanics.

Many of our members are technophiles and would be happy to help you correct annoying little problems you may be experiencing with your own model.

Our fabulous annual Concours d'Elegance Jaguar show is held at Spanish Bay Park overlooking San Diego Bay. It's an opportunity to show or just display your Jaguar and enjoy a picnic lunch in one of the most beautiful settings in San Diego.


Please explore our site for upcoming events, photos, and articles. If you are interested in joining the club we would be glad to have you. Simply click on "Membership" on the left side of the page and follow the appropriate instructions.

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Who We Are & What We Do

General Membership Information:

San Diego Jaguar Club (SDJC) is affiliated with the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA). Membership in SDJC includes membership in JCNA.


The purpose of SDJC and JCNA is to provide an organization for people who enjoy Jaguar cars of any vintage, and to provide activities where these people can meet with others of a like mind.

We hold monthly board meetings, and usually a lunch or dinner once a month at a hotel, club, or restaurant somewhere in San Diego County.  Occasionally there are speakers from the automotive industry and/or a brief business meeting after the dinner.

We also hold Jaguar drives throughout San Diego County one weekend of the month. These culminate with a picnic or a lunch.  These drives sometimes include a drive to an attraction of automotive or general interest. We also participate in events sponsored by nearby JCNA affiliated clubs.  We participate in drives coordinated by clubs in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.

This is your chance to get out and drive your Jaguar, visit with friends from the club, look over other cars, enjoy a good meal, and discuss items of mutual interest with a Jaguar flavor.


SDJC members receive two publications: Jaguar Tracks, our monthly newsletter, and Jaguar Journal, JCNA's semimonthly magazine.

Competitive Events sanctioned by JCNA include:

  • Slaloms -
  •  A speed event where drivers compete, one at a time, for the best time over a closed course.
  • Time/ Distance Road Rallies
  • A timed event, where teams of drivers and navigators compete to achieve the closest time to a theoretical time over a prescribed course of public roads, adhering to all speed limits, traffic controls, etc.
  • Concours d'Elegance
  • An annual judged display of original, restored, and preserved Jaguars, divided into two classes: Champion & Driven. 



If this interests you, please visit our Membership Page and contact our Vice President in charge of Membership, Nedra Rummell.

Jaguar Cub at the San Diego Zoo Prepares for Debut During "Play Days"


A 15-day-old jaguar cub and its mother, Nindiri, spent time in their cave bedroom this morning before the San Diego Zoo was open to the public. Animal care staff have been giving the mother and the wobbly-legged cub access to explore the area beyond the two bedrooms they share.


Guests at the San Diego Zoo may spot the mother and cub in the cave viewing area during Play Days, which starts Saturday. This year, the event focuses on plants and animals with spots. The spotted markings on a jaguar are called rosettes.    


The cub was born at 8:30 p.m. on March 12, 2015, inside the jaguar den at the Harry & Grace Steele Elephant Odyssey exhibit. This is the third cub for 7-year-old Nindiri. The sex of the cub is not yet known.


Photo taken on March 27, 2015, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo