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Private Party Classified ads run on this Classified Ads Page of the club website.  They do not run in the Jaguar Tracks magazine.  All correspondence is handled by email, but feel free to call if you have a question that would be better handled by phone.  Private party classified ads include the ad copy and up to 10 photographs.

The Webmaster reserves the right to edit ad copy for format, grammar, spacing, etc., but will not edit for content.  Ad content and the accuracy of said ad is solely the responsibility of the person placing the ad.

Contact the Webmaster directly to place your ad, to make any changes to your ad, to renew your ad, to drop your ad, or if you have sold your item.

You will receive a confirmation email or phone call from the webmaster when your ad is posted.

Email your ad copy and up to 10 photographs as jpeg's to:

Mark Hodges, Webmaster at


Pricing and Info for Non-Member ads:

Ads for Jaguar cars, parts, and merchandise for sale run for four consecutive months and are $41.50 for the four months; that's only $10 a month plus PayPal fees.  Classified payments are by PayPal.  Click on the PayPal payment icon below to make your payment.  Ads will run after ad copy, photographs, and payment is received.

Pricing for SDJC Member ads:

Ads for Jaguar cars, parts, and merchandise for sale run for six months and are free on the condition the item being listed is club member owned.  All ads placed by SDJC members will be reviewed for ownership compliance.

The honor system is used for car parts and merchandise listed for sale that the member placing the ad is the owner of said car parts and merchandise.  Ads are subject to further review if ownership is questioned.

Jaguar cars listed for sale must be owned/registered to an SDJC club member to be placed for free.  Vehicles listed on the official club roster and/or directory as belonging to a member are strong evidence, but not conclusive evidence, of ownership.  If an ad for a member is being placed by a third party, the owner member must confirm with the webmaster their ownership of the Jaguar car being listed for sale.


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Classified Ads Currently Running on the Website:

1998 XK8 Convertible
2004 XKR Convertible
2005 XJ8L Sedan (Sold)
1997 XJ6 (Sold)
2011 XJRL Saloon (Sold)
1990 XJS Convertible (Sold)
2013 XK Coupe (Sold)
2001 XK8 Coupe (Sold)
2001 XK8 Convertible (Sold)
2011 XK Coupe (Sold)
2003 S-Type (Sold)

1987 XJ6 (Sold)
1966 E-Type (Sold)
1989 XJS V-12 Coupe (Sold)
1974 E-Type SIII (Sold)
1967 3.8S-Type (Sold)

1998 XJ8 Convertible (Sold)
2003 XJ8 Vanden Plas (Sold)
2002 S-Type (Sold)
1994 XJ6 (Sold)
2000 XKR (Sold)


For Sale: 1998 XK8 Convertible

This standard 4.0L XK8 Convertible has been scrupulously maintained and is in excellent condition with a genuine 93,500 miles on the clock. The only owner before me was a personal friend and the car has been garaged in SoCal since new.


The car is Spindrift White with a tan interior and tan convertible top – all in excellent condition and original, with everything working.


In fact, the car is entirely original except for an upgraded sound and mobile phone system.  This consists of a mechless headend, digital amp, new speakers, and a ProClip XK8-specific phone mount.


The new system sounds considerably better than the original and lets you use your phone for navigation and music. The old cassette/radio has been retained if you want to go back to complete originality.


The car runs perfectly and has had the “timing chain guide fix” from Jaguars Unlimited.


Asking Price: $9,800

Contact: Roy Hodges @ 949-637-0233 or


For Sale: 2004 XKR Convertible
This 4.2 liter supercharged car is one of 200 built painted in Jupiter Red with Recaro seats and BBS Detroit 20” rims.
It was originally delivered in Palm Springs, CA and spent its entire life there until I bought it from the 2nd owner.
Odometer shows 62,137 original miles.
Work I’ve done since buying it in November 2015, include upgrading the front and rear brakes with new zinc coated rotors and ceramic brake pads.
Coventry Motors did the work as well as upgrading the front shock mounts with polyurethane mounts.
This substantially improved the ride and handling without losing any ride quality.
I also had Coventry replace the power top pressure lines, which can fail due to age.
In addition, they raised the oil pump cooler to reduce contact damage.

Asking Price: $25,500
Contact: John Casey @ 619-994-2907 or at