San Diego Jaguar Club
Club Logo Items


Club Logo Items are available at club events by Marie Allen, Club Logo Czar.  Payments at events will be by cash or check.  You may also make your purchase here on our website.

Paying with PayPal and Using the Online Order Form:
1. Click on the appropriate PayPal icon to go to the PayPal site.  If you want more than one of an item, change the quantity of the item you want in the quantity box and click the blue "update" button to change your item total.  Continue through the PayPal process.
2. Fill out the online order form below and click "Submit" to send in your order.

It doesn't matter which one you do first, but please do both for us to properly process your order and know who you are.

Paying with Check and Mailing in your Order Form:
Download the order form, fill it out, enclose your check, and mail it to the club Logo Czar at the address on the form.  (Form pending update)

It's your choice which one you want to use. 
Just click on the blue or purple sentence below to download the order form.
List of Logo Items in Stock:
1. Car Blanket (4' X 6') - $35
2. Grill Badge - $30
3. Lapel Pin - $6
4. Men's LS Half Zip Top Black, Size L - $48
5. Men's Outrigger Fleece Lined Jacket Black, Size XL - $37
6. Men's Rapid Dri Color Polo Cobalt Blue/Soapstone, Size L - $49
7. Men's Original Red Polo, Size L, XL, 2XL - $10
8. Men's Short Sleeve Pima Polo Charchoal Heather, Size L - $41
9. Rosewood Pen - $4
10. Sew on Patch - $3
11. Twill Apron, Black - $19
12. Twill Apron, Desert Khaki - $19
13. Twill Apron, Navy - $19
14. Window Decal, Large - $2
15. Window Decal, Small - $2
16. Women's Long Sleeve Half Zip Top, Soapstone/Black - $58
17. Women's Thermacheck 100 Jacket, Rich Berry Heather - $26
18. Zip Tote, Medium, Natural/Black - $36
19. Zip Tote, Medium, Natural/Rich Red - $36

#1 Car Blanket


#2 Grill Badge


#3 Lapel Pin


#4 Men's LS Half Zip Top Black


#5 Men's Outrigger Fleece Lined Jacket


#6 Men's Rapid Dri Color Polo


#7 Men's Red Polo Shirt


#8 Men's SS Pima Polo Shirt


#9 Rosewood Pen


#10 Sew-on Patch


#11 Twill Apron, Black


#12 Twill Apron, Khaki


#13 Twill Apron Navy


#14 Window Decal, Large


#15 Window Decal, Small


#16 Women's LS Half Zip Top


#17 Women's Thermacheck 100 Jacket


#18 Zip Tote, Medium Natural/Black


#19 Zip Top Tote, Medium Red


$15 Name Badge

Order your name badges directly from our manufacturer and distributor

HERE to download a Name Badge order form and send it directly from the supplier
If using PayPal, fill out the Online Order Form below and click "Submit" at the bottom to send your order directly to the Club Logo Czar & Club Treasurer.
San Diego Jaguar Club Online Store at
Lands' End Business Outfitters

Your Board of Directors is proud to announce the San Diego Jaguar Club Apparel Store page on the Lands' End Business Outfitters website.  You may now order clothing, apparel, and accessories directly from Lands’ End and then put our logo on the item.  There are 2 logo sizes: large and small.


          Large: 3.50" W X 3.88" H (with Established Date 1959)

          Small: 3.48" W X 3.55" H (without the established date)

There is a size difference because a few of the garments have seams or other size limiting factors.  If you pick the large logo with date and the garment will not accommodate said large version, the system should automatically notify you of this and instruct you to select the small version.



To Enter the SDJC Lands' End Apparel Store:

Click on the picture above to go directly to the Lands' End San Diego Jaguar Club Apparel Store page.  It doesn’t look like a special page until you get to the point where you choose your logo.  When you click on "Pick your logo" our San Diego Jaguar Club logo will appear.  Just follow their instructions, step by step.


  1. Choose the category from our club homepage: MEN, WOMEN, or PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS and go to that page
  2. Choose your item
  3. Choose the club logo
  4. Choose where to place the logo on your item
  5. Check out and pay Lands’ End directly
    1. You will probably have to create your own account on their website to place your order just like you have to do on most sites where you shop
  6. You are done – just wait, Lands’ End will ship the item directly to you